Government of the Legion of Mary


The government local and central, is carried out by the Legion’s councils, whose duty in their respective spheres shall be to ensure unity, persevere the original ideals of the Legion of Mary, guard the integrity of the Legion spirit and rules, and spread the organization.

A Praesidium or Council shall be instituted with permission of its next highest council or of the Concilium Legionis and of the approval of the appropriate ecclesiastical authority.

Each council has a Spiritual Director, as appointed by the appropriate ecclesiastical authority. The Spiritual Director shall have a decisive authority in all moral and religious matters raised at the meetings of the council.

Each council shall have a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

When two or more Praesidia have been established in a town, city, or district, a governing body termed as Curia should be setup.

There it is found necessary to confer on a Curia, certain power of superintendence over one or more Curiae, such highest Curia shall be styled a Comitium.