Procedure for meetings from the Legions Handbook ( summery) 


According to the double goal of self-sanctification and apostolate the activity of the Legion executed on it, the members through prayer and instruction in sacredness and at the same time to do external works to evangelise their fellow man.


Weekly Meetings

The heart of all Legion work is the weekly meeting of the Presidium (the smallest working group). This meeting is happening all over the world in the same way.The Praesidia normally meet weekly; larger entities normally monthly or more rarely.

The meeting follows this structure:

During meetings, all the prayers of the Tessera are said 

1) The  setting of every meeting shall be uniform. 

A small altar with a white cloth is placed under a statue of the Immaculate Conception flanked by two vases of flowers and two candlesticks with lighted candles. A little to the right of the statue, the vexillum.  

2) Punctually at the appointed time essential. 

The President will have a The Work Sheet ready with all work being done by the praesidium, and opposite to each item, the names of the members assigned to it.Before the end of the meeting it is to be ensured that each member has been provided with his work for the coming week. 

3) Opening Prayer to The Holy Spirit 

Prayer to the Holy Spirit is the source of Grace, Life, Love, of which we rejoice to regard Mary as the channel.  

4) Rosary 

Five decades prayed by the Spiritual Director who shall initiate the first, third, and fifth, and the members the second and fourth decade.  

5) Spiritual Reading( 5 minutes)  

A Reading is given by the Spiritual Director (or President)which is mostly taken from the manual of the Legion ending with the sign of the cross.  

6 ) Minutes of the previous meeting are read

If approved by the members present, are signed by the President. 

           Standing Instruction. (first meeting of each month ) 

           Read by the President after the signing of the minutes which covers, weekly attendance ,works done, daily recitation of the Catena, confidentiality.  

7) Treasurer's  Statement. 

 The Treasurer shall submit a weekly statement showing the income and expenditure of the praesidium and the resulting financial position.        

8) Reports of the members are received 

Members should remain seated while delivering their reports, which should be verbal, though members may aid themselves by notes.  

9) The recitation of the Catena Legionis. 

The Catena Legionis is recited, by all standing with alternate verses by the Spiritual Director (or President) and by the members.The sign of the cross is not made at the first verse of the Magnificat only.  

10) The Allocutio  (This was the Roman General's address to his legionaries) 

A short talk shall be given by the Spiritual Director (or President). This should take the shape of a commentary upon the handbook with the object of eventually making the members completely familiar with every point contained therein. On the completion of the Allocutio, the sign of the cross is made.

Secret bag collection. Immediately after the allocutio, a collection to which every contributes according to means 

11) Works

 New tasks for the legionaries are distributed 

12) Marking of the attendance roll 

13) Reports 

Any other business of the meeting is continued.

14) Termination of the meeting. 

Meeting ends with the concluding prayers of the Tessera and a prayer for Duff's beatification and blessing by the priest 


The meeting shall not last longer than one hour and a half from the appointed time for starting.